What Makes a Clay Target Course Special?

Posted by Pete on 2/14/2020

What Makes a Clay Target Course Special?

Not all clay target courses are created equal. While some courses are designed to give shooters the best possible experience, others are less enjoyable. The clay target thrower, course design, and other factors make all the difference. Before you go shooting, find out what it is that makes a course special.

1. Great Course Design

You can compare a clay target course to a golf course in that the design matters. For instance, you need to consider the terrain of the course. Are there water features? What is in the background of the course? 

For the best possible experience, choose a course with a great design. You may want to ask your friends for recommendations or check the internet for reviews. If people complain about the design of a course, you should look elsewhere.

2. Multiple Types of Shooting Available

While some clay shooting ranges only offer one type of shooting, others have more of a variety. A course that has the following options draws more of a crowd and gives you the chance to change up your shooting method:

  • Olympic bumper traps

  • Multi-target areas

  • Skeet shooting

By offering different options, the course owners can please everyone. They also expose shooters to new and fun ways to enjoy their guns.

3. Excellent Customer Service

For many, clay shooting is a way to relax and enjoy the day. But poor customer service can easily ruin the day. If you go to the course and are greeted by an unfriendly or rude employee, your tone for the day will be set. 

The best clay target courses have trained, professional, and friendly staff members. When you arrive, they greet you with a smile. Their friendliness and experience makes it easier for you to enjoy the day. If you’re a novice to the sport, it’s even more crucial that you have a good customer service experience.

4. The Equipment

Perhaps the most important aspect of a clay target course is the equipment. Without the right equipment, a course will only cause frustration. The clays might not be thrown fast enough, or most of their machines might be broken.

For a course to be worth your time, it needs to have a high-quality clay target thrower. A standard clay thrower won’t do the trick. Rather, a reputable course will use a commercial series thrower that can handle the rigorous use it will receive day-in and day-out. 

An effective clay thrower will also be able to challenge the best of shooters and provide some customizability. 

Finding the Right Clay Target Thrower 

There are approximately 600 National Sporting Clays Association clubs in the country, making it a popular sport. While shooters are given the challenge of finding the right clay shooting course, owners have the difficult task of finding a clay thrower that’s durable and effective enough to please customers. 

Here at Atlas Traps, we know the importance of buying and using a high-quality trap. All of our products are made in the U.S and are made to last. We have a variety of throwers, some of which are specifically designed for commercial use. Check out our selection and make your clay target course special. 

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