Tips for Making the Perfect Backyard Trap Shooting Range

Posted by Pete on 1/16/2020
Tips for Making the Perfect Backyard Trap Shooting Range

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to do some trap shooting. Rather, you can build your own range and step outside anytime you want to enjoy your favorite hobby. As long as you have enough space on your property and the right trap thrower, you won’t miss the clay target range. Follow these tips and transform your yard into the home of your dreams.

1. Choose the Right Location

Before you can get started, you need to choose the ideal location. First, it needs to be within your property lines. You don’t want to start a dispute with your neighbors or be fined for trespassing. Secondly, be cognizant of safety. Choose a location that will keep the shooter, spectators, and the public safe. 

To prevent the sun from ruining the perfect shot, pick a location that’s facing north. You won’t have to worry about the position of the sun obstructing your vision as you scan for your target after it’s thrown from the clay pigeon launcher.

You should also consider the landscape. Typically, the best ranges have a mix of woods and fields. If you have water on your property, you should be cautious. Too much lead from your lead pellets can contaminate groundwater. You can use non-toxic steel loads to prevent this from being a problem.

2. Keep Up on Maintenance

Even after your course is built, you need to find a way to do regular maintenance. Namely, you should regularly clean up your broken clays. Even though you may be proud of your successful shots, you shouldn’t leave the remnants behind. The debris adds up quickly and will not degrade on its own. You should either pick up your clays or plant vegetation that will grow tall enough to cover your clays. 

If you opt for biodegradable clays, you have another maintenance concern. This type of clay tends to be high in sulfur, which can change the pH of your soil. You should monitor the pH of the ground and take the necessary steps to keep the pH in check. 

3. Use the Right Equipment

Your shooting range is only as good as your equipment. Without the right trap thrower, you won’t get the experience you want. It’s important to thoroughly research the different types of clay launchers. Decide whether you want a wobble trap, a sport trap, or another type of trap. Your decision should be based on your preferred method of shooting.

Most shooters prefer automatic launchers, as they are easier and more convenient to use. Some traps have the option for wireless remote control, which leaves the ground free of wires. This eliminates the worry of mice chewing on the wires or of your lawn maintenance equipment damaging the wires. 

Your other equipment matters too. For instance, you’re required to have safety barriers between a shooter and a trapper. If you have a manual clay pigeon launcher, choose a barrier that provides adequate protection.

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