Tri-Axes Wobble Base - AT300/400
Tri-axes wobble base shown on AT400

Tri-Axes Wobble Base - AT300/400


Part Number:Tri
  • Oscillates trap side-to-side
  • Wobbles up and down
  • Tilts (canting) left and right for curling targets
  • On/Off toggle switch for each direction
  • Powered by 12 volt battery, 110v available
  • Interrupter included
  • Left/Right angles conform to ATA standards
The world's only 3-axes wobble base. Incorporates all the features of our wobble base plus adds a new dimension of automatic tilt. The 3-axes wobble base moves left/right, up/down and tilts left/right simultaneously. The tilt feature is completely automated and allows the trap to throw curling targets while moving side-to-side and up and down. Which adds a whole new dimension to shooting. Compatible with AT300/400.
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