The Magneto RX
The Magneto RX

The Magneto RX


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Magneto - additional lense $400
Magneto - additional frame $650
Sizing small to large - 4 custom temple lenghts. 

The MAGNETO Rx uses Neodymium magnets to anchor the lens to a proprietary frame substrate that fuses Titanium and Surgical Steel. This model is very specific to prescriptive wearers. The corrective element of the frame is integrated into the entire frame housing. This is a different design than our Panther System which has a transportable insert that is removable from the frame. 

The Zeiss VIVX lenses available in the Magneto sit in front of the corrective element of the frame. This corrective design will accommodate any level of corrective need. 

Kit Options - Each kit comes with 1 frame + and a pre-selected combination of lens filtration options. (You must also add the Product "Rx Information & Add Ons" to your cart prior to checkout so that we can collect all relevant prescription information.)
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