T-8 Wireless 5 Stand Transmitter
Voice Activated & R4300 Receivers sold separately

T-8 Wireless 5 Stand Transmitter


Part Number:T-8
  • Launch a single target with the press of a button
  • The T-8 also has the ability to throw multiple traps simultaneously by pressing the True Pair button

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Voice Activation
No Voice Activated Control
Voice Activated Control: add $44
R4300 Wireless Receiver
I am not purchasing a receiver
8 R4300 Receiver: add $1376
6 R4300 Receiver: add $1063
R4300 Receiver Plug Type
I am not purchasing a receiver
Hirschmann: To mate to all traps ordered after Jan 1, 2021
XLR: To mate with new Patriot, AT 50, AT 250, and Hare Units
Phono: To mate with Patriot, AT 50, AT 250, and Hare units purchased prior to October 2014
3 Prong Twist Lock: To mate with new and previous generation AT 400, RBT, and T/C units
Combination of Plugs: please specify the combination in the comments seciton of the order
The T-8 allows you to wirelessly control anywhere from 1 to 8 clay target throwers. For each trap, you will need to add one R4300 receiver (sold separately below). It is able to launch 8 machines all at the same time. Press the "True Pair" button, press the numbers of the traps you want to fire and press the "True Pair" button again, 2 or all of them. The "Lock On" feature enables repeated throws of up to all 8 machines. A very easy to use 5 Stand or FITASC controller. By using the 127 available field/channel settings the T-8 can be used on adjacent stations with no interference. By selecting the "Voice Activated" upgrade below, you are able to launch report pairs and in addition, the unique "Lock On" feature enables you to choose any of the 8 traps and just keep calling for the target. Eliminates the need to keep pressing buttons to arm the unit. The T-8 operates on a single 9 volt battery and has an operating distance in excess of 400 yards.
5 Stars
Private club
I have the T-8 with voice command. This device will take training and practice to a whole new level! The voice activation works really well, along with ability to pull single, report, or true pairs! I can practice solo anytime i want! This product is a MUST HAVE! Its also perfect for a 5 stand set up with the ability to throw 8 individual traps, or throw them all at once!! Well worth the price tag!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Mount Vernon Ohio. on 5/28/2020
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