Five Things You Should Look for in a Commercial Clay Pigeon Thrower

Posted by Pete on 2/19/2020

Five Things You Should Look for in a Commercial Clay Pigeon Thrower

If you’re in the market for a commercial clay pigeon thrower, you have some research to do. There are many different types and brands of throwers on the market, but not all will give you or your customers the results you want. Find out what you should look for in a commercial-grade clay thrower.

1. Durability

People are rough on machines, so your clay pigeon thrower will be put to the test. If you want your thrower to withstand the hours of use and abuse, you should make sure it’s of a high quality. 

When considering the durability of a machine, think about the material it’s made of. Is it made of heavy-duty metal and coated with a layer of protection? Or is it made with a flimsy material that won’t last?

Because our throwers are made in America, they’re made to last. Atlas Traps uses high-quality materials and trained staff to create throwers that last. 

2. Value

Money isn’t everything. While you probably want to save some money on the purchase of your clay thrower, you shouldn’t just opt for the cheapest product on the market. Rather, you should look for the thrower with the most value.

This means evaluating the cost of the clay pigeon thrower along with the durability, features, and warranties. Atlas Traps understands that the only way for a business to thrive is to have access to trap throwers that are both affordable and useful. 

3. Functionality

To make your course more enjoyable for patrons, you need a functional machine. A basic bare-bones clay thrower will leave your clients underwhelmed and disappointed. 

For thes best results, you should buy a thrower that works well. It should have a high maximum capacity for targets, a fast enough speed, and adjustable angles. With the right features, your thrower will have shooters raving about your course whether they are novices or experts.

4. Warranty

The warranty of your commercial clay pigeon thrower matters. Without a good warranty, you’ll be left to handle the high cost of repairs or the replacement of your thrower.

Every company offers different warranties, and some don’t offer any at all. The AT-400 Commercial Series comes with a DuraClutch lifetime warranty as well as a five-year limited warranty. If something goes wrong with the thrower, you get some financial protection. 

5. Portability

In many cases, trap course owners need portable commercial shooters. Having one gives you the ability to change up your course, protect your equipment, and adjust things as needed.

If portability is something that matters to you, then you should consider the portability of a thrower. Does it have wheels for easy transport? How heavy is the thrower? Before you make a purchase, think about what it would take to move the thrower.

Buy from Atlas Traps

Atlas Traps is committed to giving you access to high-quality throwers that have all the features you need. If you’re ready to make a purchase, check out our product selection now. Contact us with any questions.

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