Pilla Performance Eyewear


The new generation Panther System has raised the level of comfort from the first generation and now in its 6th generation, incorporates a variety of options to provide the shooter with the optimal system for their specific needs

A fully adjustable interchangeable mask technology
This upgraded frame can be purchased as a stand alone
Fully adjustable in the nose bridge to raise and lower the front bar of the frame
A fully interchangeable system using a high wrap optically correct 7 Base mask

The Outlaw is less than 1 oz and distributes the weight evenly throughout the system, so you’ll feel like you are not even wearing eyewear
A forked carbon fiber temple arm design and lack of frame across the front make it the ultimate shooting glass
Outlaw X7 offers a significant level of wrap without any visual interruption of a frame
The Outlaw X7C temple fits to all Outlaw X7 lenses

The revolutionary design of the MAGNETO uses Neodymium magnets to anchor the lens to a proprietary frame substrate that fuses Titanium and Surgical Steel
Limited edition shooting frame from Pilla

The limited edition prescription shooting frame from Pilla. Certified by ZEISS to be optically perfect


500 Series
The 500 Series is a high performance collection of Zeiss lens technologies for the hunter and clay shooter
540 Rx Steel
Frame geometry made exclusively for
560 Steel
Featherweight design provides all-day comfort
580 Steel
Fully optimized interchangable dual lens system
580 Rx Steel
Agreat prescriptive option for light to medium prescriptive needs.

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