BRB Systems - Wireless Trap Voice Release System


Part Number:BRB 5 mic wireless system
  • Versatile - For use in Trap, Wobble Trap, Trap Doubles, etc - easily portable between stands
  • Set Up - Just plug in the power supply and microphones - connect to the release connection of any trap and it's ready
  • Operate - No complicated settings or adjustments
  • Power - 12v, 120v & 240v options
  • Accurate - Consistent trap release time - advanced noise filtering - optional voice command delay mimics human timing
  • Reduced Costs - No need for a human puller
A state-of-the-art digital Trap Voice Release System is Simple to set up and very easy to operate.  Each of the 5 microphones operates continuously, so there is no need to sequence, adjust or rest the system if you have a "NO BIRD" or even a short squad.
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