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Wobble AT-50
Wobble AT-50
Shown with optional 2-wheel cart

Capacity: 50 targets Cycle Time: 0.6 Second

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • DuraClutch™ (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Direct Drive (No Chain or Sprockets)
  • Aluminum Throwing Arm with Polyurethane Throwing Strip
  • Powered by 12-Volt Battery
  • Angle Adjustment, Both Axis
  • Fully Automatic
  • Instant Release
  • 75' Push Button Release Cord
  • On/Off Toggle Switch
  • Firing Button on Trap
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty on DuraClutch and Electrical System
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Customer Reviews
This thing is awesome
  I bought the AT50 with the wobble and cart. Put them all together and had a problem with the machine...I believe it was dropped and damaged by the shipper...Called Mike and they worked through it and promptly sent me another one. Quickly replaced the damaged unit and ran over 1,000 clays through the new one. Works great and will recommend it to friends and family as we all shoot clays when we get together. Commercial grad quality.
  Reviewed by:  Jared Williams from Steamboat Springs. on 9/18/2017
Great Product, Excellent Service
  This trap is amazing. With the front of this system elevated 2 to 3 inches from horizontal, it throws the pigeons high and far. The wobble plate gives a randomness of presenting the pigeons. The foot peddle switch is on all the time when stepping on the switch. One has to remember to take the foot off the switch, otherwise it keeps on firing. This is a great product. To move this machine by myself, I remove the thrower section, 3 bolts, for ease of transportation. Otherwise it requires 2 people to lift it.
  Reviewed by:  Dan Gudz from Santa Ana, California. on 3/29/2017
AT-50 for personal use
  This is a solid piece of equipment; built to last and very dependable. I'm impressed. We've only had it a few weeks but have cycled over 500 clays through it. Zero failed throws! I was a little worried about "some assembly required", but the instructions were the best I've ever had to follow. Somebody actually took the time to write clear and useful directions. Took me a about 30 minutes with minimal tools. I tip my hat to Atlas for making a great product. Jeff in Tomahawk Wi
  Reviewed by:  Bob Daurer from Northern Wisconsin. on 9/28/2016
Wobble AT-59
  Very happy I picked this unit. The wobble feature add a lot of variety to practice and it keeps you focused. The unit is high quality, does a great job throwing clays and for me the 50 was the right choice. There is some assembly required, but the end product is worth the effort. Atlas also provides a discount to veterans which I greatly appreciate. I would highly recommend the company and their products.
  Reviewed by:  James Gingrich from Winnebago, IL. on 5/1/2016
  What an Awesome machine, we bought it right before my son's wedding so we had to take the wedding party out and do a test run we shot 8 boxes of blue rock and couldn't believe how smooth the whole went. I'm glad I only bought the 50 because I don't think we could afford to by enough rounds and clays to shoot the 250. This is really worth the money,we have put around 3000 rounds in just a couple weeks and no problems. Thanks for a really cool toy
  Reviewed by:  Bob May from Kansas City KS. on 10/16/2015
  Purchased the Wobble AT-50 6 weeks ago. Have ran about 3 cases of clays through the machine. The thrower has worked great. I also purchased the pull cart and foot pedal relaese. The cart makes moving the thrower very easy. The foot pedal release is a lot more convenient then the hand button release. Very please with the thrower and attachments.
  Reviewed by:  Jim Swan from Corpus Christi, TX. on 7/13/2015
Shooter at large
  I bought the AT-50 with the wobble attachment. Had no problem putting the components together, but realized I the cart would be handy. I purchased the cart shortly after the AT-50 was put together. Upon arrival I assembled the thrower to the cart and began having fun; hours of fun. The thrower has performed flawlessly. My son-in-laws and I have had endless hours of honing our shooting skills. Great product.
  Reviewed by:  Gary Cloud from Tallahassee, Florida. on 5/25/2015
Great Buy
  Has to be the best thrower I have bought. It was very easy to put together and I was ready to shoot inside of an hour. I bought the ATA AT-50 and turned right around and added the wobble kit and cart. The cart is a must unless you plan to mount it to something. My father and I have put somewhere around a thousand clays through the machine and have not had any problems. The foot release is another great buy if you don't always have a second shooter available. I can't say enough about this machine, except it is a must have.
  Reviewed by:  Eric Barnes from Shabbona IL. on 11/4/2014
  the machine works like charm...easily set from basic throws to the most difficult.. throws the clays like the machines at the gun club....excellent value! I'd recommend a friend to buy this machine! Ive shot about 400 clays since i got it and am more happy with it every time i use it
  Reviewed by:  Alan stotts from Yoakum County Texas. on 10/11/2014
Desert dweller
  Trap came timely and in great working order. Easy to put together, Mike was very helpful on the one question I had. Have gone through a few hundred clays no breakage. Highly recommend the wobble model keeps you on your toes.
  Reviewed by:  Scott Brooks from SW Arizona. on 8/6/2014