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Standard, ATA/Oscillating, Wobble & Skeet Traps
Sporter - Standard Traps
Machines that throw to a fixed location. Vertical and horizontal adjustments made manually.
Our most affordable trap.
America's best personal trap.
Perfect for individual or club use.
Commercial-grade single stack rabbit trap.
Commercial- grade, single stack Teal/
Designed for commercial shooting grounds.

RTC™                                   AT-300™                     Battue - AT400
Rabbit/Teal/Chandelle              Commercial grade for       Commercial grade battue 
trap for commercial                   medium to large size        machine with un-matched 
shooting grounds.                       clubs.        versatility.
ATA/Oscillating Traps
Machines that simulate ATA or American Trap. Machines that oscillate side-to-side.
Wobble Traps
Machines that automatically move side-to-side and up and down.
Skeet Traps
Machines that simulate the game of skeet.
Apollo Trap
Aerial archery machine.
Simulate a live bird flush or flurry.